I stumbled upon this adorable new design concept via Facebook and immediately wanted to share it with you; Glowbots! Glowbots is a bedtime story initially created by Thomas Overweg for his little nephews. They were afraid of the dark and Thomas used his creativity (he is a designer) to help them sleep at night. He came up with a bedtime story about 6 little heroes, the Glowbots, who chase the scary shadows away. But that’s not all! The story continues when the lights go out and the stickers of the Glowbots, that are included with the book, illuminate. Your kid will have his own heroes to protect him from all the creepy bed bugs and monsters during the night. We think it’s a brilliant concept because isn’t a sleeping kid a mom’s heaven?  Sweet dreams everyone. Finally.

Glowbots were introduced during the Dutch Design week this October and a big hit. For more info visit the Glowbots Facebook page: facebook.nl/glowbots. Or if you are in desperate need and like to buy one now go to glowbots.nl. The book is only available in Dutch, but an English version is in the making. 

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