Search and find books are a big hit in our house. They are ideal for when children don’t master the art of reading just yet, but they are also fun for the bigger kids, heck even for you! The amazingly detailed and funny illustrations, making up your own stories, the pride and joy on their faces when finding that yellow balloon is just half the fun. Search and find books are also vital to bring along when you visit friends, go out for drinks or have dinner at a restaurant with your beloved mini-me. At last you can have a relaxing sip of your wine and even finish a sentence. Even during our France road trip they were a lifesaver. The boys flipped through the books for miles and miles and miles in the back of the car and mama could just relax and admire the scenery. I say a classic win-win.

Because we believe every mom can use some peace and quiet we made a list of the 12 most fun search and find books.  If you miss any of your favourites please let us know, we will add them to the list!

The 12 fun search and find books:

  1. The yellow balloon Dutch title: De gele ballon | Charlotte Dematons | starting from age 2 till 99 (This book is also available as a very big jumbo book)
  2. Where is Wally Wonderbook Dutch title: Waar is Wally, het grote boek der wonderen Martin Handford | from 4 to 5 years till 99
  3. Look another Book Dutch title: Nog zo een zoekboek Bob Staake | from age 3,5
  4. 1001 things to spot in Fairyland Dutch title: 1001 dingen zoeken in feeënland Gillian Doherty | 4+
  5. 1001 Knights and Castle things to spot Dutch title: 1001 dingen zoeken ridders en kastelen | Hazel Maskel | 4+
  6. Mini zoo logique  Dutch title: Mini Beestenboek | Joelle Julivet | From 1,5 years old  (the size is really small so perfect to put in your bag)
  7. My first pirate book Dutch title: Mijn eerste piraten boek | from 2,5 / 3 years  (also very small and easy to take with you)
  8. It’s Fall Dutch title: Het is herfst | Rotraut Susanne Berner  | Starting from 2 years (This is just the fall title, but you can get them for every season and also they come in a mini size)
  9. My first search & find book vehicles Dutch title: mijn allereerste voertuigen zoekboek | Susanne Gernhauser | 2+
  10. Where’s the meerkat? Dutch title: Waar is het stokstaartje? | Jen Wainwright | 5+
  11. My giant search and find book of the world Dutch title: Mijn reuze zoekboek van de wereld | Benjamin Becue | 5+
  12. And last but not least the Star Wars Where’s Wookie search and find book. This one will hit the stores in the coming months and is definitely on my wishlist for my Star Wars loving 4 year old!

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