We really love and support the adventurous toys of the Argentine brand Fanny & Alexander! These are really great to put on your wishlist for your kids to play with. Fanny & Alexander is committed to enriching the lives of children with toys that are beautiful, simple and enduring. Utterly analogue, their toys encourage fantasy, imagination, creativity, and ingenuity.

These days, it’s the rare object in the toy chest that doesn’t require batteries. Children now are reared on a steady diet of video games and virtual reality. These experiences can be emotionally and cognitively stimulating, but you also want to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

Importantly, the Fanny & Alexander concept and design process is rigorous and addresses every aspect of the product with devotion to detail. The company’s model is sustainable: largely local raw materials—including Argentine woods good enough to be used for a dining room table—crafted by local craftsmen.

The results of this philosophy and effort speak for themselves. Fanny & Alexander products are keepsakes… It appears that the toys resonate with actual 5-year olds, and also with the inner 5-year old in all of us.

Whether it is through a rigorously crafted camera with contrasting wood tones or a carefully composed correspondence kit, it’s about capturing that unique feeling of childhood from another time, today.

Fanny & Alexander toys are available online in Europe via:

Shak-Shuka (The Netherlands)

Tea and Kate (UK)

Little Vikings (Switzerland)

Four Monkeys (Austria)

For the most recent and up to date stockist list please visit Fanny & Alexander. They can provide you also shops in North and South America, Australia, Asia and the Caribbean.