“Wow!” that’s what we thought when we laid our eyes on the simple eco-friendly kids furniture from Kutikai. Designed by 2 architects, mums and friends Kutikai products are made to perfection in a family carpentry shop in Poland and are all about natureimagination and simplicity. And we really love their great bedroom stuff! The collection consists of furniture, bed accessories, mattresses and in the near future towels. New ideas come to the girls unexpectedly – while playing with their children or during mum’s full-time day-to-day activities. For now they have created two beautiful collections, The Roof collection and The Peekaboo collection.

The Roof Collection, which has been voted as one of the finalists of The Good Design Competition 2015,  a nationwide, most prestigious design competition held annually by the Institute of Industrial Design in Poland, inspires the imagination of our little ones: the desk-playhouse with space for drawing may be a market stall, and a bed with a roof a hideaway house or a place we, the grown-ups, have never even dreamt of. The nappy changer can be mounted to the chest of drawers or the crib, and you can match it with a tray of boxes for cosmetics, cotton swabs or nappies. The boxes finish can be customised.

The elements and colours that make this range of products is a result of our everyday plays with children. The form is very simple and really puts a smile on children faces…

The Peekaboo Collection is simple in it’s form with one distinctive feature – a hole which is both functional – as a handle, and inspiring – it’s a peephole children can play with. It’s also the defining element of the design.

In the near future we can also expect towels and more bed accessories, so do check out their website today! www.kutikai.pl

Photos: Jakub Pleśniarski