With my boy’s it’s all about tattoo’s. It all started when one day their father drew a dinosaur on their hands and after that day they kept asking me to draw something too. I avoided this situation as long as I could. Why? you might ask, well you must know that my boyfriend is really good at drawing anything. He went to art school, so you understand the high level I was up against. So one day I found those temporary tattoos and I felt like the happiest girl on earth. This was my game plan and the boys loved it! In our search for the coolest tattoo’s we found some good and some bad and as I am quite particular on how the tattoos are visualised and what they’re made from. The ones that last the longest and we think are best designed are the tattoos from Tattyoo and Tattly. Tattyoo produces luxurious temporary and fake tattoos for adults and kids, designed by renowned artists and emerging talents. The tattoo’s from Tattly are designed by professional artists and the are safe and non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink. So not only the kids can wear them even you can spice up your summer wardrobe with a fake tattoo!

You can buy the tattoos online at tattly.com and tattyoo.com.

(Boy with tattoo’s photo by Vesper and the Fox)