Last year I came across this brand, Mói and fell in love instantly. It’s an urban children’s fashion brand originating from Scandinavia. I initially fell for their black and grey pieces like the baggy legging and the onesie with the iconic Mói raven birds. The quality of the fabrics is amazing and although the items have prints I could mix and match it with almost everything in their closet! Extra bonus: my boys loved wearing it and practically lived in their Mói outfits for months. Seriously. Months.

This year’s AW15 collection called a touch of frost looks amazing again. This new collection adds onto the raven print with more variations of birds. (Did you know, Mói is the name of an Icelandic raven that was the designer’s family member for years. They fed the bird every day and offered him shelter and named him Mói.) It’s hard to choose, but we managed to make a selection of our favorite pieces of this season. We think the dark red is an amazing color, a real must have for this season. And that pink skirt, love, love, love it!

Like every collection, it is all produced in an environmentally friendly way. Hell, even the tags are made from recyclable materials. Wanna know where you can find these beautiful pieces? just click here. 

Fun Fact: Did you know the head designer is a mama of 4? We thought it would be nice to ask her how she balances her career with family life and what she does to relax. She gave us the following answer: ‘The last few weeks have been very busy as we are finishing the design of our AW16 collection…Long working days but, fortunately, I love this job. At the moment, life is basically just work and family but I try to go to the gym 4 times a week.’

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