We are so lucky to have the best beaches nearby! As a child we both grew up near the beach, but even now while we both live in Amsterdam, the beach is never far away. Of course you can go to the city beaches in the summer, but for us the real thing is still the best! Scheveningen, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort are great destinations, but we will share with you the lesser known beaches that are also great to visit with your children.

Today we would love to introduce Wijk aan Zee. This small village west from Amsterdam is only 30 minutes away and is super for families. The beach is wide and large, it has no parking or traffic issues and the beach clubs are totally ok with you bringing your little monsters along … The atmosphere is so relaxed and chill, you never wanna leave.

Especially this time of year, when the days are getting shorter, it’s one of the best activities to do in the weekend or when you have a day off. Especially in the morning the beach is still so peaceful and quiet, that you immediately feel the holiday spirit. The children will perfectly play all day in the sand and you will be pampered by the boys and girls of the SunSeaBar. This beach club is the favorite of mine, my man and the girls. The all-day restaurant serves grilled meats, pizzas and small plates, in addition to a wide choice of lunch dishes and a weekend brunch menu. And when the weather is getting cold & wet in autumn and winter, you can still enjoy spending time at SunSeaBar with some hot ‘chocolademelk’ in front of the fireplace after a sturdy walk on the beach. Enjoy!

Our favorites in Wijk aan Zee that stay open the whole year:

  1. SunSeaBar | R. Aertszweg, 1949 BD Wijk aan Zee
  2. Aloha | Reyndersweg 2, 1951 LA Velsen-Noord
  3. Timboektoe | Reyndersweg 1, 1951 LA Velsen Noord