The tiny Dutch island Schiermonnikoog is probably most famous for its beach as it is so extremely wide. The beach on Schiermonnikoog is one of the widest beaches in Europe, and certainly the widest of all of the Dutch Wadden Islands. This is due to the shallow sea, whereby sandbanks easily join the island. Except for July and August (the holiday season) you can find complete peace and quietness here. We were here in September and while it was autumn, the weather was still very sunny. So we were very lucky! As there are no cars allowed on the island, you and your kids can walk/cycle completely carefree. So everyday is a car free day!

Our recommendations about what to do on the island and where to eat and stay are stated below.


  • Cycle around the island (bike rent via Soepboer) and visit the two lighthouses, the deserted beaches and the national park
  • Visit the Wassermann bunker
  • Relax, relax and relax


  • Lunch & diner. De Marlijn,Prins Bernhardweg 2, 9166 SH Schiermonnikoog             
  • Drinks, diner & dansing. Tox Bar, Reeweg 7, Schiermonnikoog.
  • Lunch, diner & ice cream. Ambrosijn, Langestreek 13, Schiermonnikoog


For more info and tips visit the website of Schiermonnikoog tourism here.

(foto’s by Vesper and the Fox)