One of the things I like most of Instagram is that you can find the most amazing moms from all over the world. They run small business or are a great example on how to live a happy and healthy life. Today I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Paulie. She is a mama of two boys and pregnant with number 3 living in the land down under. The fact that she is pregnant does not stop her from running and staying fit (So much respect for that!). But most importantly she is the creator of the Pray4Trax necklace. I love this necklace. It’s so pretty and fun and both boys and girls can wear them. It has a really smart magnetic lock so it can come off easily (big bonus).

But what I love most is the story behind it. The Pray4Trax necklace is not just a fun pretty necklace. Mrs. Paulie created it together with her son so she could help a little boy named Trax who lives on the other side of the world whom they’ve never met. This little boy has cystic fibrosis and his family needs to deal with a lot of medical expenses. So she decided to help them by making these necklaces with her son Tysi and sell locally with all proceeds going towards Trax’s GoFund account to support his medical expenses. – little did she know that the popularity of these little necklaces would explode on Instagram and became a international ‘must have’. So go check her Instagram feed and get inspired. If you would like to buy a Pray4Tax necklace I advise you to follow her on Instagram and learn when a new bunch of these pretty little babies is available on her website or find a reseller.


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